Wednesday, February 12, 2014

are you happy about your work?

often times, our need for financial stability and protecting our family's welfare takes precedence over our individual pursuit to happiness  - however in the process of self-discovery that we do find that we have tons of obstacles in what we are looking to achieve, and even if all of them are actually removed,we might be totally dismayed by the fact that our dreams lie elsewhere and not in the present field of work we are in - lets blame it on hunger, starvation, need for shelter, need for money, or our inner need to survive or we are probably doing this for our family/children and their wellbeing and prosperity - but why do we compromise on or own dreams and beliefs ? are we all so selfless that we forget our innermost wants and desires and help others around us and in the process agree to procrastinate our dreams, destroy our own vision of where we want to be and get cuddled up to receive stable paychecks?  sometimes the world can be funny in retrospect, where we tend to mimic what the general audience does - we often are not able to t think beyond our homes or work - where we get easily absorbed in the heat/cold of things and form an impression of this world and sometimes get carried away by the stream of life. Often times not sure which direction we are going - upstream or downstream - if we knew we r heading to this huge conglomeration of valleys to which all things carried are going to fall - we may not engage in this ride after all -who wants to fall?  but often times we embark on a journey hoping its going to lead us to something extraordinary and amusing want to be in the next special place we are meant to be - but we don't know until the end :  there lies the mystery to this universe - where are we going?

our happiness does come in the form of our deep personal relationships, our adventures, our hobbies, sometimes our work and often it gets translated to money or addiction to something that turns things away from what we always wanted to become - lets think of this scenario from some of the real world characters: if only all the pilots today decide to become bartenders and quit flying - or a few actors and directors call it quits and join the corporate world - or some enterpreneurs who are actually creating jobs decide to join photography instead and venture into their own self-interest? are we going to go out of balance? yes, but may be the law of physics is going to try to auto balance this universe and bring other people who are not so interested into these voids that are just created - so the universe can function - but wait, did we just see a transition of characters and the shift that just took place entirely without us being affected in anyway and all things seem normal and the way its supposed to be? yes, there is a transit force acting upon us everyday , prompting us to move, do the right thing and it could come from your gut or your heart, but the universe is looking to reach out to you everyday to show more kindness and love to not just people around us, but to the whole creation - time - family, nature and love are just the essential medium through which universe can flow but often times we forget about the very beginning of things and get caught up in the middle, as if the present moment is what everything is - guess what? things from yesterday have already flown out of the window and we are still hungry for more information, food and more life for us to feel content - its a never ending cycle till we come to the realization or go deeper in the search of discovery for finding the noble truths that govern this universe.

it is in our calling that we all need to follow our intuition, break all our assumptions and achieve the impossible to find joy and peace that all of us deserve to experience in this life.